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TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 with ticket printer
TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 with ticket printer
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Item number: TKI-HS_1
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TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 with ticket printer
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TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 with ticket printer
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Product specification

The TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 is the most economical yet feature-rich Wireless Hotspot Gateway, targeting mini-size stores who want to provide small, single-point wireless Internet access service. The TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 is a perfect choice for beginners to run hotspot businesses. It does not cost a fortune to buy a pile of equipment, nor does it take the skills of an expert to glue multiple applications out of multiple freeware. Feature-packed for hotspot operation, TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 comes with built-in 802.11n/b/g access point, web server and web pages for clients to login, easy logo-loading for branding a hotspot store, simple user/visitor account management tool, payment plans, PayPal credit card gateway, traffic logs, IP sharing and etc. Equipped with 4ipnet’s patent-pending 4ipWES (Press-n-Connect) technology, the TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 is able to establish an automatic WDS link with up to 2 access points at the touch of a button. Extending wireless network coverage is a breeze. To open a hotspot store is at finger tips with TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 connecting to the Internet pipe via ADSL/Cable/Satellite modem. TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 also brings in an extra advantage - the wall-mountable, dust-proof (IP50) metal housing. Prerequisite for Installation: electrical Connection and Internet Access.


TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 now supports QR Code-Auto Login. The unique feature allows operators or guest to login automatically by scanning the QR Code on the on-demand account ticket printed from TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 POS Printer TKI200. The feature used any QR Code scanner on most smart, mobile devices. Pick any smart phone or smart tablet, preferably one with Apple or Android based. Download an App which contains a QR Code scanning option. Once the App is downloaded, aim the QR code scanner to the QR Code printed on the ticket. The QR Code should automatically be detected by the App. After all the above steps have been completed, a logged-in screen should automatically appear on the web browser. The “QR Code Auto-Login” gives guests and visitors an option to save time and energy instead of writing down and memorizing username and passwords on-the-go at a public venue. With a growing percentage of the world’s population using mobile, smart devices, TKI-Systeme “QR Code Auto-Login” technology gives Hotspot Venue Owners a more flexible, creative option to save time and minimize personnel while offering high, state-of-the-art technology.


For a self-proprietor who owns one or several Hotels or persions, serving wireless internet service is no magic via TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1. Many auto-service shops and dental clinics find an TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 in service makes their customers’ waiting time a breeze. Small coffee shops can offer time-based hotspot service by compliment coupons or paid by hours at ease. For small professional offices such as accounting or law firms who demand high-level network security, a standalone TKI-Systeme Hotspot_1 enables the offices to provide managed Internet service to their clients or visitors in an isolated fashion, free of charge, while securely preventing unauthorized access to the Intranet.

Configuration service TKI-HS_1
Configuration service TKI-HS_1
Installation service TKI-HS_1
Installation service TKI-HS_1

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